Red Light Center vs. Second Life… Which Is Better For Online Sex?

red-light-center-imageMost escorts in Second Life make anywhere from 500 Lindens per hour up to around 2000 Lindens (if they are REALLY lucky). At the current exchange rate that’s only about $2 to $7 dollars an hour! But in Red Light Center escorts that do voice chat can average around $20 for a one-hour session, and webcam performers get upwards of $40 for a one-hour session!

But don’t worry if you don’t want to be seen or heard. There are also text-chat opportunities.

What Is Red Light Center, and what are “Working Girls” and “Working Guys”?

Red Light Center (RLC) is a virtual world like Second Life, but for adults and built entirely around sex. Since it first opened in 2006 Red Light Center has become an adult community boasting over 8,000,000 registered members worldwide.

Since the game is built for sex you, and your customers, don’t have to worry about things like animations, sexballs, ugly avatars with no genitals or anything else like that. All the controls you need are built right into the game, and you can access them immediately.

If you have experience as a Second Life escort, or as a phone sex operator or a webcam model, you’ll be a natural “Working Girl”,” but if you are new and have never done any type of sex work before, don´t worry! We offer all the personal support you´ll need to get started. For more info please see our FAQ page. If you are ready to join us and start earning money now, visit our Getting Started Guide.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us. You can expect a response from a real human being (no automated emails) with answers to all your questions within a few hours!

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